Wet Cupping therapy-(Hijama ).

    "Everything was explained to me clearly and all my questions were answered before the session. The session was conducted in a very professional way and post-treatment advice was also given which I found very beneficial.I would recommend this practitioner to anyone who wishes to have cupping therapy" - Usman . A.

    "I benefitted tremendously , I would recommend it to others definitely" - Hakim J

    Your Frequently Asked Questions about Cupping: 

    What is Cupping?

    'Hijama' (Wet Cupping) is the process of applying cups to various points on the body by removing the air inside the cups to form a vacuum and draw out toxic stagnant blood.  Cupping is used to either detox the body or to heal the body by stimulating the body's natural immune system by removing toxins from the blood.as each individual is different and will respond differently to different modes of treatments.We have found that cupping is really effective in patients with pain and or those who have blood-borne illnesses.

    Is cupping safe?

    Cupping is safe when carried out by a qualified health practitioner. We have fully qualified and registered male and female health practitioners who carry out the cupping treatments. They have been trained to the highest level and verified by the professional standards authority, providing the highest in healthcare treatments. Many are also qualified physicians and registered with their own speciality healthcare body and follow a strict professional code of practice and conduct. All our equipment is disposable and sterile as we ensure the highest in hygiene and safety of the patient care. Post treatment advice is also given.

    Does cupping hurt or have any side-effects?

    This depends on the type of skin, some skins are more sensitive thank others, as we make small scratches on the surface of the skin, it may sting a little, a bit like a mosquito bite for a few seconds when making those scratches but after they are made one is generally fine.The scratches may leave a few bruised marks which may remain from 3 to 10 days and then heal up.

    How many sessions are required? 

    For many people just one treatment as and when required is enough to balance their immune system, however for people with medical conditions we suggest a regular course of treatment of six treatments to start with i.e cupping every two weeks over a period of six times will help restore the health at each session and keep symptoms away thereby improving your quality of life.

    How long does a session last and what will be required?

    Normally between forty five minutes to an hour, depending on the body-part being treated,you will need to undress some of your clothing. Female patients are treated by female therapists.It is advised to wear loose and old clothing at the session. Also to abstain from eating or drinking anything at  least three hours prior to the cupping session as it may make you nauseous and you may feel sick. So Nil by mouth for approx 3 hours prior to cupping treatment.

    Can I go to work after the cupping session?

    Although many people will be able to carry on with their living after a cupping session, we strongly recommend resting on the day of cupping for the body to fully restore and rebalance its healing powers, especially if your work involves heavy physical or mental effort, to get the most from your cupping treatment.

    How often should I get cupping done?

    This again varies from individual to individual and one's state of health as well as the body,s healing response to treatment.For many wishing to detox or maintain general well-being, a cupping session every two months as a maintenance routine will be fine whilst for others with medical conditions regular treatments over a length of time will be required.Possibly starting at six to eight treatments every two weeks for the first course, for medical conditions needing to be treated. Almost 70% of diseases of the blood are managed and may be curable by Hijama cupping therapy, especially those due to blood stagnation. 

    "I would like to thank you for getting rid of my continuous headache which I was getting before I came to you, with just one cupping treatment at the Dr Osteo Clinic it has miraculously disappeared,thank you again." RN

    "I regularly get cupping done at the Dr Osteo Clinic and find it very beneficial" SM

    "Great experience, very chilled out and relaxed, quick & efficient. I would highly recommend". AH

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    The Benefits of Hijama ( Wet Cupping):
    Hijamah ( Cupping Therapy) gets rid of acidic toxic waste which accumulates in our bodies (blood stagnation) as we grow older... sources of toxic wastes include :
    • The polluted air we breathe; 
    • Toxic chemicals found in your food, water, drinks, household chemicals & toiletries; 
    • Environmental waste in your neighborhood; 
    • Intoxicating drinks, narcotic drugs, junk food and smoking; 
    • Waste products of normal body metabolism; Products of medicinal drugs metabolism; 
    • Impact of trauma and accidents on our body; 
    • Toxins from mental stress, anger, anxiety and depression. 
    As for specific illnesses that are treated through Hijama at the Pain Relief Clinic they are:
    Aches, Pains & Muscular problems.
    Skin Conditions
    Cardiac problems
    Asthma  & General well-being, Headaches or Migraines, Joint pain, Back , Neck, Shoulder and Knee pain, Pulled or tight muscles, Poor blood circulation and blockages,Constipation or IBS,etc... All conditions where blood statis (stagnation) is present.. i.e. conditions that are due to blood not circulating as efficiently as it should.

    At the Dr Osteo Clinic we strongly maintain that hijama be only administered by a  medically-trained cupping therapist, who understands the body & who practises the safe approach, especially following evidence-based safe protocols and guidelines in the event of an emergency. 

    Through our wide experience of Medical Cupping Hijama treatments at the Dr Osteo Clinic, we have  treated a broad range of blood borne medical conditions with good success.

    Wet Cupping is known to help general physical and psychological well-being.There are specific points on the body where the cups are applied for each ailment.Our aim at the Dr Osteo Clinic is to promote the practice of safe hijama through evidence-based research and development for the benefit of the public. We aspire to provide the highest possible standards in scientific medical cupping therapy, in order for wet cupping to be recognised as a main adjunct therapy in line with orthodox  conventional medicine.. Wet Cupping can prevent ill health and disease & help with many health conditions.

    To book a confidential appointment  for Hijama Cupping therapy :
    Call the Dr Osteo Clinic : 01582  206 366  text: 07956 553417.

    Please note: We have both qualified registered Male and Female  cupping practitioners.