Our acupuncture treatments .

    What Can Acupuncture Treat ?:
    The World Health Organization endorses acupuncture, and clinical studies have shown it to be a proven and beneficial treatment for many conditions, including: Short -term relief of Musculo-skeletal pain such as chronic low-back pain, neck pain, Knee osteoarthritis,Migraine and tension headaches, Temporo-mandibular (Jaw joint) Pain, and shoulder pain, especially when coupled with appropriate diet and exercise.    

    What can I expect from Acupuncture treatment ?:
    Acupuncture treatments involve an initial assessment/consultation, followed by a course of treatment that is suitable for that particular condition, usually lasting for six consecutive sessions. This may be decreased if the condition responds quickly, which sometimes it does tend to do. The treatment involves placing hair-thin needles of varying lengths into certain areas of the skin. The number of slender needles – as few as three, as many as 20 – and the length of time they are kept in place depends on the ailment being treated. During the treatment, the needles may be twirled, warmed or electrically energized to intensify healing effects. Some patients may feel a tiny prick when the needle is inserted. Others feel a tickle. But many patients don’t feel a thing. Acupuncture needles are very fine  thinner than the hairs, certainly much thinner than the needles used to give injections or taking blood samples. All needles are sterile, disposable and never reused. Acupuncture sessions generally run for 30 to 45 minutes. Patients lie or sit on a padded table. Some patients say they feel an electrical sensation during a treatment, which is good – because that means healing energy is moving through the body. Many people end up falling asleep on the table, feeling peaceful, yet energized after the treatment. We don't claim to treat all conditions with Acupuncture, and if the Acupuncture practitioner feels your condition would not be appropriate for Acupuncture treatment, you may be recommended to see your GP or an appropriate specialist.    

     Does Acupuncture Compliment Western Medicine ?
    Acupuncture works nicely as an adjunct to your treatment plan. For example, many patients undergoing chemotherapy also use acupuncture as a way to lessen the side effects associated with chemotherapy. Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with physical therapy for rehabilitation from serious injury.  

    Who gives Acupuncture treatment ?

    The acupuncture practitioner is a registered healthcare professional who has taken additional training in medical acupuncture. This gives them the added benefit to diagnose and safely treat suitable acupuncture related conditions.  

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