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We are a caring private clinic with qualified medical specialists dedicated to improving, managing and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal and related disorders,through manual therapy and all forms of complementary therapy.  These have been found to be beneficial for many acute and chronic, back,neck,knee, shoulder, elbow as well as all types of musculo-skeletal disorders and sporting injuries .  Our therapists are all registered and recognised by the professional standards authority accredited register. We offer treatments & management of your painful condition by the following therapies:

Musculoskeletal-Manual Therapy    Cupping     Acupuncture       Sports therapy     Homeopathy

Some of the many conditions we see patients for includeSciatica, Neck Pain, Back pain, Leg pain,Trapped Nerves, Muscle Spasm, Arthritic Pain, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI,) Frozen Shoulder, Knee pain,elbow pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ...and many more conditions...if you have any of these or other painful conditions, call now to make an appointment with a dedicated expert manual therapist:

Call: 01582 206 366  OR   07956 553417


If you suffer from pain or a painful health issue and would like to try an alternative approach to treatment and rehabilitation without side-effects, make an appointment to see us: Call: 01582 206 366   or  07956 553417


"I went to the Pain Relief Clinic, which I found Dr Shamim to be very professional. He went through the whole process atep by step, I felt a lot better straight after the treatment, I would recommend this clinic."  K.A.

"Dr, just to say thank you, the treatments are curing me of years of pains. My body feels so different. I hope soon to be active again. Its wonderful. Your the best!. It will make me happy if you share this to others. Have a good day. You've given me new life".  L.L

"Empathic practitioner made me feel at ease and gave opportunity to ask lots of questions before drawing up a treatment plan, I would recommend to anyone wishing an alternative health solution". 

"Great experience,very chilled out and relaxed, quick & efficient. I would highly recommend". AH

" I had been suffering from chronic back pain for more than four years and tried all the popular therapists in the area. I had many sessions, however my back pain continued to play up. With only 5 treatments at the pain relief clinic, my back is fully recovered and I don't get those sharp pains in the back anymore. I highly recommend the pain relief clinic to anyone who has back pain." EB
"I feel like my body has been brought back to new" LC
"I am pain-free for the first time in four years " DS 
"I love this clinic and the staff. Excellent care provided and excellent  practitioners too". SL
"Everyone here is more than a therapist " FC

"I have been coming to this clinic for over 1 year and have always received the best of care." JB

"They have always been caring, helpful, and eager to help solve my health issues at the Pain relief Clinic, and they always are able to fit me in to their busy appointment schedule." CS

"I am completely satisfied with the treatment & care I receive at the Pain Relief Clinic. Keep up the good work! I trust everyone who works here and I am happy to bring my Children." LF
"My poor balance kept causing problems to my knees.  At the pain relief clinic they helped me to find the proper balance and also cured my knee pains" DW

"I would like to thank you for getting rid of my continuous headache which I was getting together with the neck stiffness, when I came to you, with just one treatment, it has miraculously dissappeared, thank you again" RN

CALL NOW TO BOOK  YOUR APPOINTMENT : 01582 206 366 or  07956 553417

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Customer Testimonials
  • "Excellent care and treatments" Mr & Mrs G.V.

  • "My 3 years back pain was completely gone" .C.L